Kitty Martone

A deep dive into hormonal health (for the ladies) with Kitty Martone

2024-04-30T13:45:57-07:00Practitioners & Professionals, Special Topic Lectures & Q&As|

Hello friends,  If you’ve been around for a  year or so with me, you may recognize my guest today, Kitty Martone, aka: Healthy Gut Girl.  Last year, I had Kitty on my channel to talk about all things gut health and sleep, and we touched on hormonal health. [...]

Healthy guts, hormones, sleep & a lot more with Kitty Martone

2024-04-30T14:07:56-07:00Practitioners & Professionals, Special Topic Lectures & Q&As|

Most of you probably don’t know this, but before I got into nervous system work, healing trauma, and all things neuroplasticity, I majored in exercise and biomedical science, as well as applied human nutrition (all these details are on my about page).  I studied nutrition and all the [...]