Years ago, must have been in ~2004/05, I remember seeing this person I’m writing about in the recreation centre I use to work at.

I remember thinking how all his “nitty gritty exercises” were doing more harm than help.  But I was too shy to say, “Hey, I could show you an easier way!”

The cool thing is that if something is meant to be, it happens, and by some word of mouth love, as well as desperation on his part, this individual came through my studio door a few months ago.

His tale reflects what many clients discover when they start to actually listen and learn from the wisdom of their body.


“I have not slept properly in nearly 10 years from chronic back pain among others body ailments.

Now, when I go to  bed, I am amazed to just lay there without it feeling like it’s work to relax or find a comfortable position.  

Plus, I wake up in the morning and actually feel like getting out of bed! Being able to just move in everyday life with a sense of natural flow and not having to think about every motion is something I had totally lost.

Now I take the milk out of the fridge without holding my breath and bracing like it’s an Olympic event. 

I am able to enjoy my sports and recreational activity for what it’s worth; the pure fun sensations they create. Before working with Irene everything felt like a task and afterward I had just succumb to the sense of being damaged instead of satisfied.

I tried so hard to move mechanically and to be strong and it always felt like so much work. 

Now I get glimpses of effortless power and I am highly motivated to pursue that.

Maybe the best thing from working with Irene is that in only a few sessions,  I stopped one day and realized that I had not been devoting 50% of my mental output to how I feel and managing the pain that I got so use to experiencing in everyday activities. I had long forgotten the sensation of just ‘doing’ as opposed to always being hurt and uncomfortable.”

Brian Fishbook, Ski Patroller and Firefighter, Whistler & Salmon Arm, BC. 


I think Brian and I had about three private sessions. Just three! He also did some of my audio lessons as homework.

Brian’s secret is that he practiced the principles I taught him in our sessions when he WAS NOT in my studio.

This is VERY important. This application makes the leap. You must apply what you learn, or else, just like that second language you learned in high-school, it goes away.

I love his comment, “Now I take the milk out of the fridge without holding my breath and bracing like it’s an Olympic event.”

It’s these “ah-ha” moments that pop up in daily life – and being cognizant of them – that makes these connections stick to the brain and body.

You must find the connections in real life.

I’m convinced his sleep improved because his entire nervous system was on less alert to all the habitual ways that he was holding himself, which had been such a focal point of his healing path.

Thanks Brian, your words are inspiring!