When you experience physical pain, ignore it and say something like, “I’ll take care of that later”, you are doing a HUGE disservice to your precious body.

When body movement is inefficient and painful, energy levels get zapped, joints suffer, entire body systems break down, healing is hindered and the aging process is accelerated.

I hate to paint a bleak picture, but this is the reality of how we’ve been primed to take care of ourselves in our health care system: what until something goes really wrong and then address it.

I wrote about this a while back, here’s an excerpt from that article,

“We seem to handle the care of the earth the same way we approach human health care. We wait until something unbearably awful happens. Then maybe we’ll get some help. Sometimes the damage can be restored, and sometimes it can’t. Then we bring in the experts, listen to what they have to say and typically don’t follow their advice.”

Now imagine this scenario….

What if you actually took action at the start of that pain, or even better yet, before the pain even starts?

Crazy I know, and I’d love for you to consider this possibility.

Engaging in purposeful movement that connects your brain and body is the key to keeping young and moving pain-free – we are hard-wired for renewal and growth. I highly recommend taking advantage of this innate capacity.