I have two stories here for you.

I went on a mini pilgrimage awhile ago, which is where I filmed the video below.

But, before I tell you about this, I want to tell you about what happened to me back in the Summer of 2008. It was a week that changed the lives of all my future clients to be, plus my own.

Back then, I did training around an amazing body of work, developed by the late Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais, and even though his work is truly groundbreaking, I suspected I was still missing a major piece in the quest to help my clients heal from the myriad of “stuff” they were coming in for… but I didn’t know what that missing piece was.

I vividly remember working with this one guy, a ski patroller who had fallen the year previous on a bed of rocks. Straight onto his spine. A big backpack protected him from any breaks or major injuries, but even one year later, and after lots of good physiotherapy and massage, he was still in pain, stiff and suffering from very low energy.

That very same week, a woman who had been in a propane explosion came to one of my group classes and it was clear that the level of arousal and trauma in her system was still so high that for her to lie down on the ground and feel her body and practice subtle movements was almost impossible.

And then, there was the woman who had been crushed by a horse as a young kid. I remember looking into her eyes as she told me this story, in my cozy studio that summer day, realizing that she was still living “under that horse” – her main symptom: debilitating “crushing” back pain that wouldn’t resolve with all the classical treatment methods.

I worked with all of these folks, but I didn’t have the skillset back then to work with the level of trauma that was still stuck in their nervous systems.

So, I had to dig into THE UNKNOWN and I started to ASK QUESTIONS.

The answer was the work of Peter Levine, the founder of Somatic Experiencing.

Trying to explain this work in words is tough.

Trying to explain it in video is still tough, but I was down in Berkeley, California a little while ago, which is where Peter Levine had his first experience. His experience involved a very essential process that all humans, I believe, must know about and understand for health to be of the highest quality and so that human life can truly prosper for many, many eons to come.

Check out this mini introduction to this essential body of work here: