It can be tricky to have nervous system students share their successes with the world, but sometimes a message comes through in one of our Facebook forums, and I get SUPER excited and have to ask if I can share with others.

I’ll let the image and words from Dee, a participant in my 21-Day Nervous System Tune-Up self-study course, do the talking:

functional freeze

What’s even more fabulous is that when I wrote her to ask if I could share this with you, she told me that what she had felt in such a short time (she only got 6 days into the course!) was tough to articulate and that’s why this “simple” act of going for a bike ride captured it all. She wrote in her PS to me:

“I have cycled three times since then. It’s amazing.”

LOVE. <3

All I have is pure love for my students and their dedication to go where not many people have gone before: studying and working DIRECTLY with the nervous system.

Because, you see, this journey is not easy.

It will bring up old gremlins and ghosts from many things past (stored up emotions, physical hurts that have been ignored, the people they’ve tried to forgive and forget, etc.)

But, when done correctly, with solid guidance plus education, and practical exercises that touch directly into the nervous system, it works.

While I didn’t ask Dee, I can pretty much guarantee that she didn’t think this little nervous system tune-up course would get her back on a bike and enjoying it for the first time EVER with her daughter of 13 years.

Here’s the thing with this work: you can NEVER know where it’ll take you, but it will take you where you need to go so that you can be YOU (and so much more!)