Today, I’m featuring a long form chat with one of my students, John, an alumni of both my online offerings, the 21 Day Nervous System Tune-Up and SmartBody SmartMindTM (SBSM). 

In this chat we dive into many topics around his healing journey, some of which are: 

  • How he originally found this nervous system healing work
  • Why his meditation practice just wasn’t cutting it (but learning how to orient did!)
  • The importance of harnessing anger in a healthy way
  • Navigating toxic mentorships and other family dynamics … 

And much more! Have a watch…

As we gear up for our 2022 session of SmartBody SmartMind, I’ll be sharing more stories from our online “hallways.”

Don’t know what SBSM is?

SmartBody SmartMind is a revolutionary group online program that taps into the natural medicine of your biological and brain systems. It’s a potent combination of nervous system education, live training with yours truly, professional support, and a healthy immersion into practical nervous system work that goes directly to the core of our mind-body-environment connections.

Because the program is experiential at its core (even the education creates shifts at the mind-body level!), trying to explain what it can do for you and your entire health is tricky via the written word. It is my hope that stories like John’s, plus all the other alumni stories, which you can read and listen to here, are a great way to understand this powerful work.

If you’d like to get on the waitlist and be notified as soon as registration is open, head here.

This year will be the eleventh time running this program, and please know that we only run this program once a year!!!

* * *

Extra Resources to Complement the Vlog:

Books John mentioned at the start of our talk: 

John’s website:

Book Irene mentioned on dissociative identity disorder and trauma (aka: multiple personality disorder): Satan’s Children

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