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What is healthy aggression

Many years ago, one of my colleagues said this to me (and I’m paraphrasing): “It seems my biggest job is to help people get comfortable with anger.” I nodded fully because I couldn't agree more. Getting comfortable with anger is top of the list for me. Here’s a powerful excerpt from my favourite medical author, Gabor Maté, writing about anger and its connection to illness: “People diagnosed with cancer or [...]

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Feeling Angry? This Exercise Should Help (Plus, Never-Before-Seen Footage of My One-on-One Work!)

There has only been one time that I have ever purchased something other than a beverage or pastry while sitting in a Starbucks. It was late winter of 2011 and I was hanging out in a Starbucks (in Bellevue, Washington of all places!) and on an impulse, I pulled out my credit card and purchased an online business course over a very unsecured Internet connection. While that wasn't the most [...]

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