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Are you falling off the healing path? Please Remember This!

2019-11-21T12:30:34-08:00August 26th, 2019|Free Stuff, Healing Trauma, Nervous System Health, Video|

Do you ever feel like ALL the healing work you’re doing is going nowhere … or do you ever find your mind spiraling into something that goes like this: “I must be doing something wrong because I’m feeling more activation and intense sensation!?” I fully understand this. For example, I had my [...]

The 3 Top Reasons Back Pain NEVER Goes Away – Reason #1 “Being Stuck In A Functional Freeze Pattern”

2024-03-11T11:37:54-07:00February 25th, 2013|Movement. Awareness., Nervous System Resiliency|

Have you flown on a plane before? You know that feeling when they pressurize the cabin? If you pay close attention when they do this you'll actually experience a significant shift in your body physiology. Spaces that aren't very big, like your inner ear canals, feel heavy and might [...]