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Are you falling off the healing path? Please Remember This!

Do you ever feel like ALL the healing work you’re doing is going nowhere … or do you ever find your mind spiraling into something that goes like this: “I must be doing something wrong because I’m feeling more activation and intense sensation!?” I fully understand this. For example, I had my first “anxiety” attack about three years ago while driving across a bridge that I’ve been crossing all my life and here’s what’s [...]

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The 3 Top Reasons Back Pain NEVER Goes Away – Reason #1 “Being Stuck In A Functional Freeze Pattern”

Have you flown on a plane before? You know that feeling when they pressurize the cabin? If you pay close attention when they do this you'll actually experience a significant shift in your body physiology. Spaces that aren't very big, like your inner ear canals, feel heavy and might even constrict. The children and babies on board start to cry. You might even feel a shift in your breathing pattern [...]

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