The Other Shade of Dualism: “Multi-Dimensionalism” – I Re-Visit Gabor Maté’s Writings and Get Comfortable with Ambiguity (yet again).

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Black – White.  Sick – Not Sick. Happy – Unhappy. Health – Unhealthy. Function – Dysfunction. Flexible – Stiff. Introvert – Extrovert.
Mind – Body.
now you try….

Something goes here. Something goes there.

This dualistic way of thinking about our ‘crazies’ and our ‘healthies’ is […]

Nervous System Cleansing 101. Step 3: Orientation + Body Awareness + BREATH

This post is Step 3, in a series of posts titled: Nervous System Cleansing 101
Step 1 is here, Step 2 is here.
This post is shorter so you can catch up with the step 1 and step 2.

The moment you see the word breath, or breathe – do you do just that?
Take a breath, or […]

Why Going into Your Automatic Freeze Response (aka: Dorsal Branch of Your Parasympathetic Nervous System, or Rest-Digest Mode) can Save Your Skin. Lessons from the Wild

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My good colleague-friend Anthony ‘Twig’ Wheeler told me about this video clip a few days back. (thanks Twig!, and thanks to Neal Winbald for having them on his site).

We were chatting about the importance of knowing […]

Nervous System Cleansing 101. Step 2: More Orientation + Body Awareness

If you haven’t checked out Step 1: Nervous System Cleansing 101: Step 1 – Orientation, be sure to do so.

If you don’t, this won’t make that much sense. I’m going to keep this post shorter so you can catch up with the first step of orientation.

Part 3 is here.


For Step 2, I’m going to add a supplement: […]

An Exercise in Attention to Safety, Senses & Breath (aka: Re-Setting Your Nervous System to the Here and Now)

It’s likely that sometime soon you’ll encounter some stress that will rev up your body’s physiology. It’s also possible that you’ve got some stress that’s still sitting in your system from yesterday, last week, last year, or a decade ago.

Here’s the thing, our body getting hit with stress is an inevitably of life, and actually […]

Part 2. Refining the Somatic Practices: My Science Geek Shines Through

I ended Part 1: Refining the Somatic Practices: The Story of Jenny and Susan, with this question:
“How can we evolve our somatic practices to meet the changing needs of people, not to mention the diversity of people coming to us, especially in a class format?”
First of all, a definition of “Somatic Practice”

The word “somatic” comes […]