Nervous System Cleansing 101. Step 3: Orientation + Body Awareness + BREATH

This post is Step 3, in a series of posts titled: Nervous System Cleansing 101
Step 1 is here, Step 2 is here.
This post is shorter so you can catch up with the step 1 and step 2.

The moment you see the word breath, or breathe – do you do just that?
Take a breath, or […]

Nervous System Cleansing 101. Step 2: More Orientation + Body Awareness

If you haven’t checked out Step 1: Nervous System Cleansing 101: Step 1 – Orientation, be sure to do so.

If you don’t, this won’t make that much sense. I’m going to keep this post shorter so you can catch up with the first step of orientation.

Part 3 is here.


For Step 2, I’m going to add a supplement: […]

Lessons from a Stubbed Toe: “Accident-Trauma-First Aid”

 Stubbing my toe in Berkeley.

I was walking quite fast through the residential area of Berkeley, California, this past October. I was wearing my open-toed Birkenstock sandals when BAM! “Ouch, #!^*…Oh, that REALLY hurts…” An uneven slab of sidewalk had put an abrupt stop to the forward motion of my second toe on my right foot.

In the […]

Part 1. Refining the Somatic Practices: The Story of Jenny and Susan

I think it might have been in June last year when one of my teachers said:

“The somatic practices need to be more refined.”

These seven words really, REALLY, got me thinking. In 7 months of thinking and asking other people – my clients, colleagues, teachers – it seems unanimous:

Yep. Refinement needed.

First, where the 7 words came from.

I was […]

Feldenkrais and High Performance Sport: An Example from Alpine Ski Racing

John Kucera speaks of his experiences with The Feldenkrais Method and how it has brought him greater body awareness in his training and while racing on snow.

In the summer of 2004 the Canadian Alpine Ski acquired a new physical conditioning coach by the name of Kurt Kothbauer. Kurt happened to be not only a highly […]

Feldenkrais and Musical Performance: Andrew Gibbons talks about finding skeletal support for better piano playing.

For Pianists and ANYONE who sits and uses their arms and hands

Andrew Gibbons, Classical Pianist and Feldenkrais Practitioner in New York City, describes the process of discovering whole body awareness from a Feldenkrais perspective and how to produce better musical sound by finding greater skeletal support in sitting. This video offers a mini-demonstration of key principles […]