My personal story with all “the juicy” details

My story goes something like this
In 2001, my kneecap spontaneously broke in half while I was walking down a flight of stairs. Yep, you read right. And ‘Ouch’ is right too!

It was a complication from an ACL (anterior cruciate knee ligament) surgery, and, it was without a doubt the most pain I’ve ever experienced. (I can vouch […]

Feldenkrais and Musical Performance: Andrew Gibbons talks about finding skeletal support for better piano playing.

For Pianists and ANYONE who sits and uses their arms and hands

Andrew Gibbons, Classical Pianist and Feldenkrais Practitioner in New York City, describes the process of discovering whole body awareness from a Feldenkrais perspective and how to produce better musical sound by finding greater skeletal support in sitting. This video offers a mini-demonstration of key principles […]

Power Cleans (the exercise) and Feldenkrais (the method and the man).

Lifting Real Weight Intelligently

Many don’t realize that Moshe Feldenkrais, the founder of the Feldenkrais Method was at one point a very talented athlete, laborer and martial arts expert.

He understood what it meant to lift weight. REAL WEIGHT.

Proportional distribution of muscular tone, optional transmission of force through the skeleton, finding appropriate skeletal support and proper counterbalance […]