Sheryl Field is the founder of The Field Center: For Children’s Integrated Development.

What she does and the remarkable impact she has made on the lives of many families who were given very little hope for their children’s disabilities must be shared with other families in similar situations.

Video Clip #2: A mom speaks about tragedy turning into beauty

Sheri-Rose Rubin talks about discovering that her son Max had cerebral palsy, the incredibly grim prognosis given to him by the medical community, finding the Feldenkrais Method and the work of Sheryl Field which turned a tragedy into something incredibly beautiful.

Video Clip #2: Working with kids who live with cerebral palsy

Sheryl talks about the primary foundational elements from which she practices when working with a child whose legs are spastic and poorly differentiated as a result of cerebral palsy.

“What would be the way in which any child would have learned that their legs were theirs?

What would be the baseline of recognizing ones own legs as two separate parts of oneself meant to be under ones conscious control?”

These two video clips are part of a project titled “The Next 25 Years“, which is dedicated to creating educational media on The Feldenkrais Method.

Thanks for reading and watching, Irene.