In July 2010 I decided to leave Whistler for a six month hiatus.

I drove many many miles in my trusty station wagon.

I visited many great friends and colleagues.

I followed my gut. My instincts led me. It was glorious.

During the tail end of the trip I found the truest and most raw loves of my life, Seth. This was heaven.

When we met, I was experiencing some of the worst physical symptoms that I would NEVER wish upon anyone. This was the hell. These physical symptoms released when I dove into some heavy emotional work. I dove into it way too quickly. I was seduced by the newness of it all.

I’d like to share a few pieces with you. Nuggets that I’m certain of.

The first is that no one should dive into ANY emotional work until they are prepared to do so.

Secondly, you MUST work with someone who understands the entire human system with all its guts, nerves and glory. Someone professional. Someone certified. Credentials ARE important because the human system is fragile and sacred. Treat it that way.

I don’t want to scare you away from emotional work. I believe everyone should, at some point, do some kind of emotional work to get their “shit pickles” (as Crazy Sexy Kris Carr would call them) and repressed guck OUT of their body and cells so unnecessary illness and disease doesn’t unexpectedly overtake you. Dr. Gabor Mate writes extensively about such illness in his book When The Body Says No.

More things to know…….

If you do decide to do emotional and psyche-based work, make sure you include the body as well as the mind in your healing. Dr. Dan Siegel writes about this in his book Mindsight and Dr. Peter Levine writes about this in his book In An Unspoken Voice. 

Slow and steady wins the race. Quick fixes are man-made. Not Nature-made. Real change requires time. Not impatience.

My approach to human healing shifted this year. The results seem to be positive. I’m excited.

Here are a few pieces I’m certain of

  • Guts and instincts RULE!
  • Love, never lust, wins.
  • Express it. Don’t suppress it.
  • Learn. But most importantly grow.
  • Feel the pain, and experience the joy (even when the pain is still there).
  • Social decencies are screwing our cells!
  • Industrialized living MUST die.
  • Simple daily routines can save your day.
  • Splurging must happen for us to maintain our ‘humanness’.
  • Choose your battles. Then battle effin hard.
  • True emotional healing is never just emotional.  It spews out through your physical and spiritual body like no ones business.
  • Be prepared.

Most importantly

Have people, a person, a tribe, a church group, a cat or dog, or anyone (another mammal is important because you can socially engage with them and have CONNECTION) who can let you scream, cry, laugh, grieve and be the animalistic human that you are with all your loving and painful qualities tied into one bundle.

Those instincts and guts that I mentioned above, that is where the healing really starts.  

Can you actually feel ’em?

Your insides? Your belly?

Have you been ignoring them?

I highly recommend paying some much needed attention to them. They know more than your brain and mind do.

This IS where to start.

The rest will follow.

Trust me.


this is SO to be continued, Irene.