I’ve got a fun and easy one for you today 🙂 

As some of you may know, I have a YouTube channel

To date, we have over 400 videos, over 7 million views(!), and now we have, drum roll….

100,000 Subscribers!!!! 

This is a big deal in the YouTube world, so much so that they send you a plaque. 

So I felt like making a little video to share this milestone with you, plus show you what this award looks like, because it is VERY possible you helped get us here. 

Play the video to see the plaque (and also get some reminders of important events coming up). 

* * *

In case you don’t have time to watch this short video right now, here’s a recap of all the things I don’t want you to miss as we roll into summer here in the Northern Hemisphere:

Finally, a massive THANK YOU to all who have been around here for quite some time – it took 13 years to get our now popular Nervous System Health, Healing Trauma, and All Things Neuroplasticity YouTube channel out to the world. 

(And for those who have not yet subscribed, head on over to “sub” and join the party over there.)