Hello on this first Monday of 2022!

Got a brand new video for you today, on a topic I’ve been wanting to talk about for well over six months now, after hearing an anecdote of a woman, a horse, smoking cigarettes, and the concept of our body and brain being “hardwired.” 

I will leave out the details for now, but the two main theses of this video go something like this:

1 – We are only hardwired to the degree in which the various therapies and practical modalities we know about, or have access to, can help. Not to mention our understanding of the entire human experience, human system, and how it works. 

2 – We are more than our behaviour. If we only know how to work at the level of behavioural change, then yes, one will assume based on their knowledge, that we are indeed, hardwired. 

In this video, not only do I explain why we do NOT have to be hardwired, I also share some important visuals, stories, and references from the worlds of somatic experiencing. 

This video is important for anyone who feels like they’ve tried it all, but have yet to fully immerse in the somatic healing arts that my team and I offer the world.