I get questions about skin picking and other OCD-like behaviours a lot! 

Many of my students report that they experience this, and that they stop this mild form of self-harm as they begin to release trapped trauma, become more somatically aware, and regulated in their nervous systems. 

Back in May of 2020 I answered a question that helped clarify a few things around this and what might be going on at the physiological level. Have a listen.

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Irene's Musings

The one thing that became very clear to me this year is that nervous system health and all that it is made up of …

The practices, the theory, the integration, the applications of it, all of it …

It is ESSENTIAL for humanity to heal and then thrive.

I am starting to sense that as a species, we’re at that point that happens just before a monumental tipping point occurs. 

And how humanity ‘tips’ over the coming years will be dramatically determined by how each and every one of us awakens to our nervous system and its capacity to influence everything within us and around us. 

Be proud that you are here and bringing this essential work into your world!