We are living in unpredictable and ever-changing times, that is for certain.

And when the environment around us is like this, and there isn’t any sign of it changing anytime soon, I believe and know from experience that we must muster ALL healing resources internally – neurobiologically, somatically, psychically, emotionally  so as to not only ‘manage’ the chaos that is impacting us, but to thrive in the face of it all.

It’s very possible the other side we are waiting for might not be coming anytime soon, so best to prepare for the unknown by knowing YOU and how YOUR internal systems really work, not to mention how to best help them so you can be your own medicine.

It is 100% possible to thrive amidst the chaos, but first we need to acknowledge that we are in the chaos so as to make a concrete and aware decision to pull our attention out of it, and towards the resources, coherence and peace we CAN learn to find within ourselves.

The external world seems to constantly spark up old unhealed survival wounds (aka: stored trauma) and most aren’t even conscious that this is happening to them. They’ve gotten used to the chaos and the malaise, the anger and tension, the defeat and anxiety of it all. The ‘norm’ of our current day and age truly is toxic, and does not support optimal well being for us humans.

If we aren’t careful we may start to bond with the external chaos which can then take over our internal reality, which can happen especially easily if we already are living with unresolved trauma and nervous system dysregulation. Then we can forget that we actually have the ability to connect to, and create, our own unique reality within our cells and selves, and before we know it, 2, 3, 5, 7, 11+ years have gone by, and we wonder if this is what life was supposed to be like.

I urge all reading this to learn how to cultivate their own internal medicine, their own peace, and healing. Of course, don’t be ignorant of the outside world; know it, and accept the chaos that is alive and well, and then come back to YOU because you are the one thing you have true control over.

Simply put, this is what this nervous-system-based somatic trauma healing work can help you to do.

Our humanity needs less survival energy and more learning and healing. When more of us tip the scales into actively learning and healing, we start to suffocate the energies (in us, or outside of us) that want us to stay chained to our old survival patterns.

If you’d like to learn how to break the chains of unresolved trauma with myself and my team as your guides, please know you can begin with my online offerings at anytime and there are many to choose from.

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