It goes without saying that human beings are not your regular “animal.” 

And while I don’t know the historical references that put the word ‘being’ after human instead of ‘animal,’ it’s clear we human beings are unique beyond measure, and because of this, our individual resilience will be different pending a few things, and that’s what today’s latest video is all about. 

As a side note to our human nature

One thing I know for certain is that our unique way of being is largely due to our bigger cortex (brain) size, and while this definitely has it merits, like being able to type this message to you and send it at lightning speed through invisible tunnels in the air, it also has its downfalls (hint: trapped traumatic stress), which of course forms the bulk of why I and my colleagues do the work we do.

Because of this higher brain complexity, we can hold more inside of us, and we can also manipulate and deny our biological needs.  For example, we can trap emotions at a cognitive level and override our biological desire to cry out or scream, or the flipside, we can make a choice to work on ourselves and get help after we learn that we did this so many years ago.

I guess you could say that this is where free will comes into play.

* * *

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