Did you catch my May special topic lecture? 

The topic was Nervous System Starter Steps. 

It was filled with a lot of classic nervous system basics, answers to commonly asked questions, plus some complex stuff too. 

Because I know some of you might be brand new to my world of nervous system health and healing trauma at these somatic levels (welcome by the way!), I wanted to cover some basics to get EVERYONE up to speed on what my work is all about. 

Here’s a list of the topics and questions I got into:

2:56 – What is trauma?

6:24 – Nervous systems explained

10:20 – Freeze state

13:44 – Effect of being stuck in survival responses

14:42 – Vagus nerve

19:27 – Importance of solid, safe connection when a baby

22:04 – Neuroplasticity 

25:26 – Following biological impulses

27:50 – Not being allowed to express yourself

29:39 – Baby/Child looking for attunement

31:58 – Flow within the Nervous System 

33:50 – Orienting (connection to the outside world)

40:18 – What to do when feelings of scared come up when orienting

43:33 – Early/Pre-Verbal Trauma

45:32 – Working with the stress organs (adrenals/kidneys)

47:15 – ACE Study

53:17 – Awareness of our movement

1:03:25 – Importance of daily practice when healing

1:07:24 – Working with Grief when overwhelmed

1:10:25 – Chronic fatigue & body pain – freeze

1:19:18 – How our upbringing can shape how we view the world as an adult

1:21:36 – Shame and biological impulses

1:32:21 – Importance of building the foundations

If you’re ever looking to dive into MORE of my monthly special topic lectures and long form Q&A’s, which are a goldmine of learning, you can find them via my YouTube channel under Playlists.