Rewind about 25-30 years (for me at least)……

Remember those hand-made Valentines day cards you use to make in grade school?

They were always SO MUCH better than the purchased Hallmark variety – don’t you think?

The multi-coloured construction paper, the stickers, the glitter, the crayons, the creativity…..can’t you just smell the wax from the crayons and feel the stickiness of your fingers from using too much glue? I sure remember!

Rewind to a few weekends ago…..

A few weekends ago I had the great pleasure of meeting twenty-three amazing women entrepreneurs at a weekend workshop in Santa Monica.

One of my new buds, Nicola, flew all the way from Australia to be there and learn with this amazing group.

Nicola teaches people how to grow their own organic vegetable patches, and she does it with gusto and passion.

She truly believes that re-connecting people to the earth via her love of gardening and producing organic bountiful food is a major component to healing our land and ourselves. I couldn’t agree more. Without the earth and its glorious rich soil we’d be in a big pickle.

Watch this lovely and creative clip she put together since our time together in Santa Monica. It reminds me of those cards I mentioned above.

And back to Valentines day….

Her message is truly full of LOVE. The kind that nourishes you. And practical too – you’ll see! (you can just hear it oozing out of her aussie accent!)

Enjoy and Happy Valentines Day! Irene.