Did you have an accident, a fall or maybe even some minor bumps and bruises this Summer?

If so, you want to make sure you aren’t carrying around the injury-ghosts from Summer(s)-past.


Any residue from past accidents can actually set up your body to be MORE accident prone in the future.

I’m serious. Keep reading. 

When you have an accident, even a minor one like a bruised knee or scraped elbow, your body goes into a stress response.

If you fail to complete and resolve this stress response then your system is that much more “on edge” and that much more “dis-oriented” to the world around you.

What does this mean?

Being more on edge and less tuned to the environment makes our judgement poor – essentially we become more accident prone.

Why I want to tell you this

I’ve been seeing more and more people in my private practice who come in after having had the same injury and/or accident more than once.

Some have even had the same crash, in the same part of the trail!

This is not a crazy coincidence.

When this happens it is the past accident scene emerging in front of them, but instead of just a memory that is faint and in the past, the body and brain dis-orient and dissociate if the previous accident wasn’t properly negotiated.

What this means is that ample time wasn’t taken to “come-down” and the descending line (as I like to call it) wasn’t properly played out post-accident. The body will actually bring itself back into it the stress that it never got to complete, the body will re-injure itself in an attempt to complete, to come-down, to de-stress.

Sometimes it will do this over and over and over again until it gets what it needs: de-activation from the stress response.
Do you want to know how to prevent this? 

I’ll follow-up in my next article with some hints and tips, or if you want a sneak peek and a personal story of mine you can check my article about a stubbed toe I got in Berkeley a few years back.

To be continued,


Part 2 can be found here.