A few weeks ago someone asked how it is possible to only work with the nervous system and my jaw dropped because you’d think I would have answered this already via an article or vlog. 

Chances are, I have. But probably just in indirect ways when I talk about working with the stress organs, or with the hands, and so on, but I’ve never specifically addressed how we work directly (and indirectly) with the nervous system. 

Today’s new vlog is all about this. 

This new piece of content brings some things full circle (as you’ll see, literally, in this video) as I reference a lecture the late Moshe Feldenkrais gave, speaking about the connections between the nervous, cardiovascular, gut, immune, and muscular systems, as well as our connection to others and the environment. 

Favourite Quotes

I’ve been quoting a lot of my favourite mentors over the past month and this one from a “book” by mentor Gabor Maté rings real true for me, and I think will also resonate with those who are on this path alongside of me

“A search outside where the light shines will not yield us the key to health; we have to look inside, where it is dark and murky.”

To the murk that we all have and having the bravery to unearth, expose, and heal it. 

* * *

Resources I Mention In The Vlog:

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