Many of the students going through my online courses report benefits—better health, stronger relationships, deeper sleep, greater focus, more energy, and greater connection to their life purpose. 

And one that may come as a surprise…HEALTHIER HOUSEPLANTS

As they do the work to heal trauma and restore regulation back to their nervous systems, their gardens, houseplants, and herbs start to not just live, but THRIVE. 

This is no coincidence. 

When a person chooses to heal at this deep level and essentially comes back online after many years of living in a state of disconnect, their ability to attune to and care for themselves (and other living things) grows.

I break this phenomenon down in more detail in this quick video: Why my students’ plants start thriving when they get regulated. 

So if you keep killing your houseplants and want to try a little experiment…

Get yourself a few beloved plants. 

Get into this learning (and consider starting one of my online programs).

And watch how your ability to be with, connect to, and listen to your plants’ needs shifts as you learn to do the same for yourself.