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The Basics


The Basics This class explores the nervous system basics of connecting to the environment, noticing breath, orienting, and following our impulses, along with a special focus on 'multi-tasking awareness' which means developing the ability to pay attention to mutliple elements of our experience at the same time. COST: [...]

The Basics2022-07-08T12:44:35-07:00

Softening the spine


Softening the spine This class explores how gentle focused intention, alongside subtle movement that's initiated by curiosity, can bring about a whole lot of ease and possibility within not only the spine, but the entire nervous system. COST: $19 USDDate: May 2021 Purchase [...]

Softening the spine2022-07-08T12:46:11-07:00

Using Positive Resources to Build Nervous System Regulation


Using Positive Resources to Build Nervous System Regulation During this class we will explore bringing attention to the things in our life that are our favorite things, and noticing how this can shift our internal state for more soothing and regulation, along with practicing nervous system health basics such [...]

Using Positive Resources to Build Nervous System Regulation2022-07-08T12:46:20-07:00

Exploring our left & right sides


Exploring our left & right sides This clas is all about bringing attention to habits, creating easier movement with intention, and exploring what it means to have greater possibility, not only physically, but metaphorically. ** PLEASE NOTE: Due to the nature of this class, there will be a little more movement [...]

Exploring our left & right sides2022-07-08T12:46:28-07:00

Orienting as a resource


Orienting as a resource This class will awaken your senses in a gentle way, drawing upon your imagination, intention, and attention to create states of ease and goodness in your somatic system (aka: your body!). Along with this special theme, we will mix in the basics of orienting, following impulse, [...]

Orienting as a resource2022-07-08T12:46:39-07:00

Ancient Anxiety Medicine


Ancient Anxiety Medicine The focus of this class is self-touch and containment, or as I sometimes like to call it, Ancient Anxiety Medicine. In addition to this focus on containment, we will work with the basics of nervous system awareness (orienting, following impulse, connecting to the environment). [...]

Ancient Anxiety Medicine2022-07-08T12:46:55-07:00

The Love Muscle


The Love Muscle “Heartspace” is a term used a lot in the healing/mind-body worlds, and yet the manner in which it is often brought to our attention, in my opinion, lacks specificity. The mediastinum (dubbed the ‘love muscle’ by my teachers) is a gossamer-thin wrapping that literally holds our [...]

The Love Muscle2022-07-08T12:47:04-07:00
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