For us to heal, we must be willing to not fear, fear.

What gives a mother superhuman strength to lift a car off her child? It’s fear. Fear, as I explain in greater detail in this article, is a biological and survival necessity. The cascade of neurochemical reactions lets us know, at lightning speed, that something is not right. [...]

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The real deal on fear. And, why we’ve become masters at avoiding it.

(I wrote this in the Fall of 2015 shortly after the attacks in Paris, France. But this of course applies to all acts of violence and hate.) In light of all worldly events that occur out of humans ‘doing’, I wanted to write this to bring forth [...]

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How to Tell the Difference Between Fear and Frustration.

Could Frustration Be The New Fear? Is fear something that you can sit with, and be with, and ponder? Do you say to yourself, "I have so much fear around 'xyz' and I have to figure out how to move forward"? I'd love to suggest that maybe semantics are [...]

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