That which makes us angry… we share.

I’ve been seeing a trend… whenever I post anything around children being mistreated or adult chronic illness that sets in due to this mistreatment, people perk up and share those posts. Posts like:

Anger as Medicine: How to Cure Self-Sabotaging Behaviours

An Epidemic of Chronic Illness: How Stress, Trauma & Adversity Early in Life Impacts […]

“The Descending Line” and its importance for reducing our stress levels and improving our well-being (and the importance of spontaneous breath and restoring order to our internal milieu)

“Habitual repression of emotion leaves a person in a situation of chronic stress, and chronic stress creates an unnatural biochemical milieu in the body, , Disease , in other words, is not a simple result of some external attack but develops in a vulnerable host in whom the  internal environment has become disordered.” Gabor […]

The Other Shade of Dualism: “Multi-Dimensionalism” – I Re-Visit Gabor Maté’s Writings and Get Comfortable with Ambiguity (yet again).

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Black – White.  Sick – Not Sick. Happy – Unhappy. Health – Unhealthy. Function – Dysfunction. Flexible – Stiff. Introvert – Extrovert.
Mind – Body.
now you try….

Something goes here. Something goes there.

This dualistic way of thinking about our ‘crazies’ and our ‘healthies’ is […]

A Baker’s Top Ten Booklist: Books I’d Call Art

This post is more like a mini e-book. Please don’t be scared. Many words, but trust me, it could potentially lead you to many more words in the form of books. Yes books. Remember books? Do you still read books?  This post is a compilation of books, mostly non-fiction with the exception of one (from […]