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Re-Routing My Wiring: Back to Whole-Self Neuroplasticity (and not having to pay for parking…)

Click here to Re-Tweet about Re-Routing My Wiring-Back to Whole-Self Neuroplasticity (and not having to pay for parking) I've been away in Seattle for a few days, doing a few Feldenkrais sessions with my main Feldy mentor Jeff Haller. This last weekend's few lessons were good for a few reasons: [...]

The Simplicity of Feldenkrais: Baby Liv shows you some simple movements to start you out.

Want to understand the simplicity of a Feldenkrais Movement Lesson? Just go to the simple foundations of human development. Ready for your first class? This is a montage of a little baby named Liv doing what babies do during their first year of life. It is these first beginnings [...]

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Feldenkrais Teachings and Being a Ninja: Can you see the difference – Hands forward or backwards?

(This post will be one of many to come that will fit into the “All Things Feldenkrais: The Amherst Diaries” feature which you see on the right side of the page. Here you will find writings, ideas, practical application, video, audio and 'all things Feldenkrais'. Moshe Feldenkrais' theories and principles [...]

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