sunlight for health

Understanding sunlight for health and healing with Carrie Bennett

2024-04-21T16:36:38-07:00Healthy Nervous System Lifestyle, Practitioners & Professionals|

In 2001 and 2008, I dove deep into the practices and applications of the Feldenkrais Method and Somatic Experiencing, respectively.  These two finds were life and career changing for so many reasons (I talk about this on my about page).  Then last year, one of my students introduced [...]

Harnessing the sun for health and healing with Sarah Kleiner

2024-04-30T13:56:18-07:00Healthy Nervous System Lifestyle, Nervous System Health, Practitioners & Professionals|

Spring has sprung up here in the Northern hemisphere, which means longer days with a lot more glow from that glorious and essential sun that we all share.  And speaking of sun and more light … Last Summer I got mildly obsessed with a topic that was completely [...]