Survival would be the answer to that question.

I’m going to look at this survival idea from a very brain-oriented fashion.

And rather than write about it extensively, I have a little audio ditty which you can listen to. But, I will write a few words as an intro……

You see it’s becoming all too clear as my practice gets busier and I encounter more folk with various aches, pains & troubles (this ranges from physical to emotional to mental, because let’s face it folk, these troubles reside throughout our entire self, not just in that poor glute medius for heaven’s sake!!) that somethings will never change, stick, get better or be un-learned (so that new learning can take place) until that lovely organ that resides in your skull has turned down its fight-o-flight and freeze meters a few notched.

Here is a quick analogy.

You know the feeling you get when you start to drive your car (granted its automatic) and you can’t figure out why things aren’t smooth, only to realize that your e-brake is still on? The car will still drive, but not smoothly and certainly not at its fullest ability. Think of your brain in this manner, if those fight-o-flight & freeze meters are still locked in while you are trying to shift your body into some better grooves, your entire body is going to struggle retaining and learning new stuff. Just like the car, you can do it, but just not to your fullest potential.

This question of “Awareness or Survival: What came first?” has to do with the evolutionary nature of our brain (which I’ll get into soon in future posts). We as humans want to learn and suck in so much new and cool stuff with our higher brain centres (known as the neocortex), we want enlightenment, improved concentration and focus, sharper movement ability, full fledged self-awareness, the list goes on and on, so much that whole sections of book stores are dedicated to such self-improvement….

but first came survival. We need to respect and remember this.

Have a listen:


thanks for listening & reading – happy learning! Irene


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