heal from trauma

When you have old, stuck junk and toxic waste sitting in your cells, left over from not-so-fun events from your past, your energy, YOUR LIFE FORCE ENERGY, is put in a holding tank.

This can leave you sick, unmotivated, full of resistance, anxious, depressed, unfulfilled, lacking in creativity and feeling a big fat lack of passion for life.

The nice flip-side to this toxicity?

If you’re willing to make the leap and DO THE WORK, you’ll eventually discover your own personal goldmine.

Change is in each one of us and it takes way more than simply ‘letting go’ and deciding you want to change.

After all, if it were that easy, we’d all be healed and the world would be a whole lot different out there.

I’ve seen my clients, both the ones I see in person and those who have participated in my online program, really DO THIS WORK.

For example, I’ve witnessed people:

  • Uncover life long habits of self-sabotage and abuse and finally realize what it takes to be way more humane in how they take care of themselves everyday.
  • Heal the peskiest of health struggles they’ve tried everything to fix. But without needing all those expensive supplements, crazy diets and cleanses to make it happen.
  • Mend struggling, yet loving relationships, as well as (and most importantly) exit the nasty, toxic ones.
  • Discover what biological safety feels like from the inside out, after having lived with a feeling of undefinable threat for most of their lives.
  • Move ahead and find their purpose and passion WITH the fear, pain and struggle still present. No letting go is required!

These bullet points can come to life for my clients because of two things:

  • They learn the language of their nervous system
  • They are committed to resolving their trauma*

Plus, they have a deep desire to keep evolving even when they’re challenged by the uncertainty and strangeness that comes with real, deep change.

My wish for you is this…

Get that old, toxic trauma waste out of your nervous system via the process of trauma resolution and get fully educated on this topic.

When you can uncork and release energy that’s being stored up in your body — in your cells, blood vessels, immune system, endocrine system, muscular system, digestive system, brain and brain signalling pathways, and all the other systems that bear the burden of stored up traumatic and toxic stress, your world will start to look A LOT brighter.

You feel and sense more.

You sleep more soundly.

You poop better.

You think with greater clarity.

You recover faster from exercise and that common sniffly cold.

Confusion is a rare thing.

You inoculate yourself against your bad genes turning on.

Uncomfortable body sensations become your ally, rather than your pain.

You Become Your Own Medicine. Your Own Guru.

Your body wants to experience its own medicine (TRUST ME – IT DOES!), and this medicine can be released by relieving your nervous system of stored-up, toxic stressors.

This stored up stuff is what we call in the nervous system world: TRAUMA.

Trauma IS untapped resource.

Say this with me: Trauma. IS. Untapped. Resource.

Trauma shouldn’t be a scary thing. It is just what is. Let’s normalize it once and for all.

And let’s just say there’s A LOT of untapped resource floating around right now.

We think our world’s natural resources are drying up, and yet the most powerful ones are living inside of us, just waiting to be acknowledged and activated.

Ready to mine yours?

* * *

*By definition in the somatic psychology world, and specifically throughout the work of Dr. Peter Levine, the founder of Somatic Experiencing, Trauma isn’t something that happened in the event, or accident or unfortunate circumstance, trauma is in the nervous system.

Trauma, from this context, develops as a result of being overwhelmed, threatened, not being able to get away, or fight back. It’s what happens when we have no safe haven to keep us protected and/or someone to help soothe us, or teach us how to soothe ourselves when under immense stress. Trauma also happens when we shut down into a freeze state, but never come out of it.

In essence, trauma is when the nervous system no longer comes back to baseline and doesn’t know how to regulate itself and never truly feels safe.

To learn more, here are a few vlogs from my YouTube channel that dive a bit deeper into these topics:

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