I can’t wait to share this new vlog with you.

I filmed this while in the Philippines and it’s something very dear to my heart.

Plus, there’s some bittersweetness attached to the message + education within.

Head over to watch the beauty of natural child rearing, and learn a tiny bit about a silent epidemic that’s going on right underneath our nose here in North America. 🙁

The reason I tell this tale is because monkeys (all primates) have a nervous system that’s identical to ours.

And, they know how to build ‘em strong (nervous systems that is).

The only real difference between them and us (you and me) is that, for whatever reason, evolution, or whatever higher power you choose to believe in, took our higher brains and made them more powerful and big (hence our discovery of fire and flight, and the need to birth a human baby before it’s fully ready to function).

But, with the advent of higher brains, we’ve lost a lot of the instinct that is essential for raising solid human beings that emanate empathy, have healthy resilience and strong self-soothing capacities.

To turn our ship around – a ship that’s currently loaded down with violence, oppression and addiction, just to name a few – I believe it’s essential to take a step back and learn from these creatures, and bring back this kind of nurturing that they just DO without any thought (and without oodles of books on parenting).

If you’d like to share this with a friend, parent, soon-to-be parent, or anyone in your life that you think would benefit from this message, I’d love that.

Watch the video now <<<



Here’s to healthy nervous systems and getting back to our roots.


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