Yes, I know. The topic of this week’s vlog is intense but let’s face it, these are intense times. 

The universe has given me a permission slip to talk about the children and why it is utterly important to protect them and treat them with respect, kindness, and a whole lot of compassion. 

(I mean, this should be a given, right?) 

But with the routines, habits and rituals we live by and rely on being thrown off in ways we can’t control, many of us and our households are under ever increasing tension, stress and emotions. These can lead to irrational behaviours starting to fly around like crazy. 

To be really honest, though, a lot of this was happening before. It’s just really exacerbated in this pandemic. 

I’ve worked with parents who have admitted to hurting their kids. None of us are perfect. This does NOT excuse that but it’s important to understand that many of those parents did so not because they wanted to hurt their children, but because their early wounds were louder and stronger than their higher brain’s desire to offer a better world for their offspring – their unresolved survival energy took them over and they lashed out before they could stop themselves. 

Call me utopic but I think this is an opportunistic time in history to face, heal, resolve and integrate the unresolved hurts and harms that we’ve carried not just in our lives, but the ones we’ve been burdened by via the unhealed wounds of our parents, grandparents, and their ancestors. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: This video is by no means the full course in healing unresolved survival stress and successfully working with and releasing all our ancestral traumas (you can get that via my online courses).

But consider it, along with the accompanying resources, a survival guide for navigating these wacky times for if, and when, you might feel the urge to strike, strangle, hurt, or lash out at those** that never, ever, deserve harm.   

** Know that ‘those’ can be kids, pets, partners, parents, animals, and yourself

To end this weekly update, I want you all to remember that we are built to shine and thrive. And while there’s been generations of darkness holding us back, I have a strong sense that now is the time to shift and to soar. 

Keep the faith. Keep up your learning. Keep healing. 

The world and everything it contains needs you right now more than ever.

* * *

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