Today I’m sharing some essential education on witnessing and processing horrifying experiences.  

(Whether it’s something you see occur in real-time, something you just hear about that activates you, or an intense memory from long ago that’s ready to come up and out.)

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • Why we often experience the sidekick emotion of disgust when faced with something horrific. 
  • The importance of starting with the basics* of nervous system work to build the capacity to be with these big emotions of horror and disgust and allow them to move through.
  • How to avoid PTSD when faced with something that’s extremely difficult to witness.

Here’s a hint: whatever comes up in response to the horrifying thing (massive screams, dry heaving, intense rage, big tears) is essential MEDICINE. 

Watch this video so you’re better prepared to be with and move through these intense experiences. 

Please note: This video was originally released in May 2020. I’m re-sharing it today because this topic is super important.

Time-Sensitive Announcement


For those who have some established regulation on board and who want to keep going with me as their mentor and guide… a ‘Feldenkraisian’ Winter Workshop in the beautiful Great British countryside of North Yorkshire. All the need-to-know details (including FAQs) are HERE <<

 * * *

Resources I mention during this video: 

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