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Can the all too often vilified emotion we know as anger be medicine? 

In my personal and professional experience, it is one hundred percent medicine when we know what anger’s purpose actually is, what our biological capacity for it is, and then how to express it in a way that is helpful and healing (as opposed to harmful and violent). 

This week’s video is a short clip from one of my special topic lectures titled Anger As Medicine that took place on September 17, 2020. 

Here’s what Andy said last year when this went live: 


Have a watch!

After you watch this specific selection from this 2020 lecture, I’ll nudge you to watch the WHOLE lecture and bring more of this essential education to your repertoire. 

Here’s another comment from this lecture:


I wanted to share this second comment because it shows that even in an educational setting, like these lectures I do each month, we must pace the learning, and most importantly, we must learn to listen to how our body and mind respond to the information. 

Remember that us humans are made of brain and body, plus the environment that supports us, and I can say for certainty now that until we mix ALL these ingredients together (brain, body, environment) in our healing journeys, we fall very short in our search for not just meaning, but true freedom and vitality. 

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Watch the full lecture here: https://youtu.be/RljnDLOJwd8