In this week’s vlog, I take you on a bit of a journey through some of my own personal discoveries around old traumas surfacing, body tension, and also severe physical pain.

Long story short, I did a lot of intense and shock-producing sports in my childhood, teens, twenties, and early thirties, and yet again I am amazed at how clever the nervous system is, not to mention its associated somatic systems, at storing up and hiding old painful stuff. Dive in.

*Fun fact: In this latest video I share the only piece of evidence that I once skied, and did it really well. I also popped in an image of me paragliding many moons ago. Check it out!

Irene's Musings

THIS (these words just below on the quote), is a basic tenet for healing stored traumatic stress (aka: trauma), at the somatic and autonomic nervous system levels.

healing trauma

Actualizing this involves a high level of self-awareness and a recognition that there IS a survival response (fight, flight, freeze) happening within you. 

This is our complexity and humanity. ⁠⁠It is also the holy grail of healing.

If you have yet to start my self-study course, The 21-Day Nervous System Tune-Up, I can’t recommend it enough as an essential building block for starting up your nervous system healing journey. Get the tools to not fear those old fears so they can bubble up, be honoured, felt, integrated, and released. 

Keep learning, keep practicing, and remember to stay curious with your somatic experiences. Just this curiosity alone can help to ease excess fear responses. 

* * *

Resources I Mention In The Vlog:

Paragliding video credit:

ARTICLE: Functional Freeze Explained

VIDEOS: Healing Trauma Three-Part Video Training


BOOK: Trauma Spectrum, by Robert Scaer

VIDEO: The Adverse Childhood Experiences Study (ACE Study)