Today’s video (under ten minutes!) will remind you, or maybe teach you for the first time, why working with the body is important when healing stored up stress and trauma. 

When I say ‘body’ I mean more than muscles and movement. 

While those are indeed important, as mentioned when I shared a bit of my health regimen, mastering the nervous system, emotions, sensations, thoughts, behaviours, and of course, how we relate to the environment and those around us will catapult our capacity to heal, and stay healthy, to a whole other level. 

Click below to watch and learn.


Our hurts and harms did not happen in isolation. Nor does a big bad scary thing impact only one part of our body or mind. It sends a shock wave through the ENTIRE system. This means to heal deeply it is essential to work with the entirety of our human system, plus how this system relates to ALL that is around it. 

These concepts remind me of this quote from medical doctor and author Dr. Gabor Maté, 

stored survival stress

(I believe) we are entering into a new era of human health and healing (at least I’m seeing it within my students, all you here, and via many social media channels!) where we work with ALL these connections of mind, body, and environment. 

* * *

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