A little while ago, my team and I received an unsolicited letter from one of our course participants filled with so many transformations at all human levels — neurological, physical, emotional, mental, environmental — that I had to share it via a video

(BTW: I have full permission to share the entire letter, and that’s what I walk you through in this latest vlog, along with side commentary around the changes.)

What this 21-day nervous system tune-up member named Elisabeth shared verifies again just one more time what is in fact POSSIBLE when we go full steam ahead with this work. 

Get inspired! 

Here’s one of her wins from the letter: 

“My ”I’m-doing-this-for-the-first-time-pain-free”-list is getting so big since coming out of the freeze response that I’ve just about lost count. I’m even doing things without dissociating or feeling pain/discomfort for the first time EVER in my life due to some degree of functional freeze/fawn response from early age/childhood.”

* * *

I know it seems almost ‘too good to be true,’ these success stories. I get it. I really do, and I don’t think you are alone when the skeptical warning signs pop up.

But, I can assure you, neither I, or Elisabeth, is making this stuff up. 🙂 

This is what’s possible when we do the right stuff. If you’d like to hear more about Elizabeth’s healing journey, I’ve since done a longer interview with her where we get into her whole story. You can watch that here: https://irenelyon.com/2021/11/21/my-baseline-pain-scale-is-now-zero-the-power-of-starting-learning-healing/

It can also be hard to grok such transformations at ALL levels, when the model for healing has been based on a ‘cause and effect’ or a ‘treat this symptom with this, and this other symptom with that’ kind of mentality. 

But, we have to remember we are living, breathing, organic, alive organisms that do best when the foundations are solid, flow and resiliency are at a max, and the interactions with the external world are also accounted for – with this latter part being one of the hallmarks of this nervous system work. 

In doing this work now for 15+ years, it is clear to me that a multi-faceted approach to healing is essential, and that is exactly what this ‘tune-up’ is all about. 

Remember: the autonomic nervous system sets the stage for health and vitality (or lack thereof), which means if we work directly with it, we are going to the source of so much! 

Kudos to Elisabeth, all her peers within this self-study course, plus all others doing this work. 

You are leading the way to a new kind of “medicine” that can, and I hope will, be learned by all. 

* * *

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