Yes, you read that right, today’s long-form interview is with a special guest who is an expert on past life trauma. 

Now, some of you might be wondering what happened to Irene, the science gal? 

Rest assured, it’s still me, I haven’t been cloned and replaced by a weirdo. I’m still 100% in love with nervous system science, and the magnificence of the human system and its capacity for rewiring and healing. 

What you’ll learn in this chat that I have with my good friend, colleague, and past student Janet Raftis, who specializes in psychic phenomena, the soul/spirit world, and healing these often invisible parts of us, is that all these topics are very much rooted in levels of science that we are just beginning to understand, namely quantum physics and the time-space continuum (Einstein anyone?). 

In addition to Janet sharing her stories and expertise on things like parallel universes, time being an illusion, and distant healing, I also share how I came across this work nearly twenty years ago by “accident” when I was doing my research and academic work. 

I also know this may be a bit out there for some, but it’s a subject I felt was important to start talking about, as many people do have felt-sense experiences and intuitive hits about things that happened in past lives, and these experiences come up for my own students, and many of my colleagues’ clients. I’ve started to dive into my own past life trauma in recent years, and I share some of those stories too. Have a listen. 

To be clear, this is not the type of trauma carried over to us via our ancestors and family lineages (aka: intergenerational/transgenerational trauma), it is trauma that has imprinted on our soul in past incarnations and impacts our biology and brain in THIS lifetime.

* * *

Resources I Mention In The Vlog:

Janet Raftis’ Website:

BOOK: The Holographic Universe, Talbot, Michael

BOOK: Many Lives Many Masters, Brian Weiss 

BOOK: The Secret, Rhonda Byrne

BOOK: The Divine Matrix, Greg Braden

BOOK: Old Souls, Tom Shroder

DOCUMENTARY: What The Bleep Do We Know

MOVIE: The Hereafter


VIDEO: Reincarnation- Amazing Past Life Evidence- The James Leininger Case

Lynne McTaggart’s work: