I am always talking about the basics of nervous system health and healing. 

I am always teaching these basics in my monthly drop-in classes and throughout my online programs. 

My students practice them relentlessly, make them part of their daily lives, and from here their capacity (their nervous system and somatic capacity) grows. 

THIS is what creates the space for the old survival stresses (aka: stored trauma) to bubble up and heal. 

I call these basics the ABCs and 123s. 

This week’s vlog outlines what these basics are.

These basics are also what contribute to the growth of real autonomic nervous system regulation, which is something we want to grow and wire up when we might not have had solid regulation from the start (meaning: in utero and in those developmental years, usually until around three years old). 

This is something I’ve written about and talked about at length in the past. 

Here is one article and one vlog on this topic. 

Enjoy this week’s video.

 * * *

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