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Titration. What is it and why is it so essential to master when healing at the nervous system level? That’s what we’ll cover in this week’s short & sweet vlog.

You may have heard me say that real healing means real feeling. 

And it’s true. To heal, we have to feel the tough stuff—the anxiety, fear, and pain—that was, at one point in our lives, too difficult to be with. 

Here’s the caveat.

Feeling into too much of this stored traumatic stress at once can send the system into further chaos (aka: retraumatization).

So we TITRATE. We work with little, tolerable bits of trapped stress at a time. We pause and notice. We process and integrate. Basically, we go SLOW. 

The result? We create true healing. The kind that sticks. 

Dive into this week’s learning right here (in small, titrated doses if needed!).