People join SmartBody SmartMind (SBSM) for a LOT of different reasons. 

They come to this work from different backgrounds, at different ages and with different stories. Many of them come back year upon year, often finding deeper healing with each new session.

Our SBSM alumni have said many times over that the work they’ve done here has:

  • Given them the ability to truly live their lives (instead of watching life go by)
  • Led to more peace of mind and less anxiety and depression 
  • Lessened and provided relief from chronic pain symptoms and digestive upsets
  • Made it easier to connect with others and set clear boundaries 
  • Allowed them to be more authentic, fueled with self-trust, and way more self-love!!

The next round of SBSM  will mark our 13th live semester of this life-changing curriculum. With each round we get more and more  success stories—some big and dramatic, others more subtle yet no less profound. 

The details may vary, but there’s one common thread: any type of healing has to begin with UNDERSTANDING. 

Understanding how your nervous system works, with as much detail as possible, gives you the upper hand of knowing what is going on in your system. Learning IS healing because healing is learning applied. 

And, as SBSM alum Darla says, “The education part is huge because it really gives you a sense of understanding and it takes away the fear, because I lived in constant anxiety by that point.” 

I strongly encourage you to take the time right now and just watch and listen to her testimonial, all the way through. It’ll be 5 minutes and 30 seconds of your time and attention very well-spent.


If you’d like a deeper look at the different levels of healing, learning,and transformations that occur in the online “hallways” of SBSM, then I’d like to give you a healthy nudge to watch the full-length panel recording here

I’m here to teach you the complex science of your autonomic nervous system in a way that’s easy to understand so you can APPLY it to your life. 

This is my life’s work and true superpower. But I’m no superhero. 

I’m not here to heal you. I’m here to help you become your own medicine and heal yourself. 

Ready to create your own healing success story and discover what nervous system regulation offers? To uncover all the goodness hiding behind those old survival responses of yours? Registration for the next live session of SmartBody SmartMind (SBSM) is NOW OPEN!! (Doors close Tue Feb 21 and we get going Thu Feb 23).