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The Burden of Childhood Trauma & How to Lift It (Video Q&A)

When I wrote this article recently on childhood trauma, I was met with questions... and, a lot of them. It turns out that what happened to us in our youth feels pretty heavy and important now that we're adults. Jen asks: So, what do you do if your [...]

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Why Going into Your Automatic Freeze Response (aka: Dorsal Branch of Your Parasympathetic Nervous System, or Rest-Digest Mode) can Save Your Skin. Lessons from the Wild

Click here to re-tweet 'why going into your automatic freeze response can save your skin. Lessons from the wild. My good colleague-friend Anthony 'Twig' Wheeler told me about this video clip a few days back. (thanks Twig!, and thanks to Neal Winbald for having them on his site). We were [...]

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