Are you falling off the healing path? Please Remember This!

Do you ever feel like ALL the healing work you’re doing is going nowhere … or do you ever find your mind spiraling into something that goes like this: “I must be doing something wrong because I’m feeling more activation and intense sensation!?” I fully understand this. For example, I had my first “anxiety” attack about three years ago while driving across a bridge that I’ve been crossing all my life and here’s what’s [...]

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Why your “healthy lifestyle” routine needs to include healing your nervous system

A participant in one of my programs improved her blood chemistry, decreased her pain by 90% and reduced her inflammation. And she did it all by focusing on one thing: reducing the over-activation of the autonomic nervous system. "But what about eating healthy and exercising?", you ask. Yes, those things are important and do help. But they still don't inoculate you from the toxic stress that is trapped in your [...]

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Childhood Traumas and Adverse Experiences: Why They Stop You in Your Tracks & Force You to Play Small

Being a self-employed holistic practitioner, mind-body expert and ‘healer’ means there are no fast tracks to finding clients, students and patients. You have to find them yourself. The irony is that many holistic practitioners, mind-body experts and ‘healers’ are often lousy at selling their services to those who need it most. Often they lack the necessary business acumen to really achieve impact. As Luck Would Have It… I grew up [...]

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The Rise of False Prophets and Why Following Them Won’t Make You Feel Better

BY IRENE LYON I sat in front of my computer a few weeks ago writing an article on the ten lesser known habits to optimize your business success this year and I was hit with another thought that deserved some exploration. It was a thought about false prophets and the people who follow them. Being a conscious, and sometimes overly ambitious, entrepreneur means that I’m always checking out what other [...]

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