The Descending Line: Stress Relief. The Natural Way.

“Habitual repression of emotion leaves a person in a situation of chronic stress, and chronic stress creates an unnatural biochemical milieu in the body, Disease, in other words, is not a simple result of some external attack but develops in a vulnerable host in whom the  internal environment has become disordered.” Gabor Maté, When […]

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Awareness or Survival: What came first?

Survival would be the answer to that question.

If you are joining for the first time, this is a series I am plugging away at titled “Creating Your Own Personal Instruction Manual” .
I’m going to look at this survival idea from a very brain-oriented fashion.
And rather than write about it extensively, I have a little audio […]

An Exercise in Attention to Safety, Senses & Breath (aka: Re-Setting Your Nervous System to the Here and Now)

It’s likely that sometime soon you’ll encounter some stress that will rev up your body’s physiology. It’s also possible that you’ve got some stress that’s still sitting in your system from yesterday, last week, last year, or a decade ago.

Here’s the thing, our body getting hit with stress is an inevitably of life, and actually […]