Two absolute truths when choosing a nervous system teacher or online program

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Two absolute truths when it comes to choosing your nervous system teacher, plus some key differentiating factors that I believe set my 12-week nervous system rewire curriculum, aka: SmartBody SmartMind (SBSM)™ apart from other online nervous system courses: Absolute truth #1: Who is the teacher? One thing that is [...]

Magic For Your Gut-Brain Connection: With Elinor Silverstein

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. What I love the most about my work of paving new pathways for healing and transformation is being able to collaborate and learn from other people who are doing exactly the same thing. Meet Elinor Silverstein. She is a pure gem and,  just like me, she is fully committed [...]

Re-Routing My Wiring: Back to Whole-Self Neuroplasticity (and not having to pay for parking…)

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Click here to Re-Tweet about Re-Routing My Wiring-Back to Whole-Self Neuroplasticity (and not having to pay for parking) I've been away in Seattle for a few days, doing a few Feldenkrais sessions with my main Feldy mentor Jeff Haller. This last weekend's few lessons were good for a few [...]