Neuroplasticity. Train tracks are a perfect metaphor.

Our world needs this nervous system intel in a big way right now. We’re at this point where A LOT of stuff is broken (in humanity) and it needs fixing. And, from what I’ve seen, this nervous system stuff has the capacity to change things for the better. [...]

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A Marriage Made in Heaven

I just got back from a few days soaking and chilling at one of my most favourite spots in the world: Breitenbush Hot Springs resort (think cute cabins without plumbing, lots of walking trails and lots of hot water and steam... ahh, the steam...). The hot springs are [...]

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Re-Routing My Wiring: Back to Whole-Self Neuroplasticity (and not having to pay for parking…)

Click here to Re-Tweet about Re-Routing My Wiring-Back to Whole-Self Neuroplasticity (and not having to pay for parking) I've been away in Seattle for a few days, doing a few Feldenkrais sessions with my main Feldy mentor Jeff Haller. This last weekend's few lessons were good for a few reasons: [...]