What I love the most about my work of paving new pathways for healing and transformation is being able to collaborate and learn from other people who are doing exactly the same thing.

Meet Elinor Silverstein. She is a pure gem and,  just like me, she is fully committed to helping folks live healthier and more joyous lives. And she knows A LOT of stuff when it comes to the health of the gut, the nervous system and most importantly how they intersect and interact. (She is a biochemistry geek and did her pre-vet and pre-med degrees before following her gut to study The Feldenkrais Method – so she is another science lover like myself.)

In this action packed interview she guides me (and you!) through a experiential exercise that gets you in tune with your guts and something called your enteric nervous system (which is tech speak for the nervous system that governs your gut). At the end of the exercise she also answers some questions that I thought people might be interested in – so don’t miss out on the Q and A as she covers some pretty important topics on gut health.

Before you go, know this: if you are having ANY troubles with your health, and I really mean ANYTHING – what she is teaching here is critical for you. It’s actually critical for global health and healing in general because our bellies are so intertwined with our sensations, emotions and our instincts, and a lot of these crucial faculties are not working properly in a vast majority of the population. A sad truth, but a truth nonetheless.

Now, you might think this is a bit far fetched, “How can working with one system of the body make such a global impact?”,  but hear me out for a quick second before you leave:  the gut and the nerves that connect to it are all incredibly important! Specifically, the vagus nerve is critical for full body and mind health

When you improve the quality of the gut, you improve how it connects with the brain – and when you do that there is simply better harmony in the entire system. When there is better harmony in the entire system the world is a better place.  Simple as that. 🙂

Seriously though, carve out some time in your hectic schedule to give this a try. It will improve your digestion, calm you, help you sleep and give you a much needed break.

Here’s to real organic medicine.


PS. There is also an older video/interview I did with Elinor last year that dives a bit more into her personal history and how she got into this work. It is also a gem of a video so check that out as well if you are feeling the pull to learn more. You can access it HERE.