toxic shame

On Healing Toxic Shame


[The 1st image of me to the left is the subtle facial expressions of distaste; the image to the right is disgust which is the gateway emotion to healing toxic shame.] A lot of people want to know how we process and heal shame.  This is a MASSIVE topic [...]

On Healing Toxic Shame2022-05-29T18:42:54-07:00

How toxic shame creates the fallout we call depression


  I want to share something with you that often gets confused or misunderstood: The link between Depression and Shame. A few weeks back I was responding to a question in my Facebook community, Healthy Nervous System Revolution, and it had to do with the connections between shame and depression, and [...]

How toxic shame creates the fallout we call depression2020-03-29T17:26:11-07:00