Neuroplasticity. Train tracks are a perfect metaphor.

Our world needs this nervous system intel in a big way right now.

We’re at this point where A LOT of stuff is broken (in humanity) and it needs fixing.

And, from what I’ve seen, this nervous system stuff has the capacity to change things for the better. (But it can also maintain the situations we’re […]

7 Tips to Help You Meditate (And Be in the World with Greater Ease).

Do you have difficulty meditating?

If you answered “yes” – I’m not surprised. Meditation is an advanced practice. It’s kind of like the black belt of the mindfulness world. And just like in Karate, it was designed as a level of practice only permitted for those who have put in the groundwork.
Mindfulness and meditation are becoming more and […]

Words to ponder. A night of desktop cleaning and croissant making.

While I was watching Seth practice his croissant making tonight I was simultaneously cleaning up my computer desktop and came across this Word Document from a long time ago.

I must have been jamming through a few ideas as the document is titled “curateyouwords”.

It was, and still is, a good bunch of words – therefore […]

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Nervous System Cleansing 101. Step 2: More Orientation + Body Awareness

If you haven’t checked out Step 1: Nervous System Cleansing 101: Step 1 – Orientation, be sure to do so.

If you don’t, this won’t make that much sense. I’m going to keep this post shorter so you can catch up with the first step of orientation.

Part 3 is here.


For Step 2, I’m going to add a supplement: […]

Awareness or Survival: What came first?

Survival would be the answer to that question.

If you are joining for the first time, this is a series I am plugging away at titled “Creating Your Own Personal Instruction Manual” .
I’m going to look at this survival idea from a very brain-oriented fashion.
And rather than write about it extensively, I have a little audio […]