The foundations of human movement development, meaning how our movement started from day 1, is the purest form of human learning that exists.

When we can approach new tasks, projects, actions, tough and risky situations, with the principles that build the foundations of early childhood movement development…you can’t go wrong.

Watch these videos and see if you can pick out the KEY WORDS that form her early learning experiences.

Ready for your first class?


Ready for your second class?


It is these first beginnings that form the initial pieces that someone would learn while doing a Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement Lesson. Finding the floor under you, finding the support the environment gives you so that you can move, repetition that is driven by curiosity and exploration so that action can begin to be effortless and more refined.

This piece of baby development forms a major foundation of the work of Moshe Feldenkrais and his method, The Feldenkrais Method.

This video has been compiled from a year of footage taken in Whistler, BC.

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