When was the last time you slept all day on a Sunday and really, like REALLY, rested?

And, by the way, not because you were sick in bed with a flu or cold!

Back in February, I did exactly this and it wasn’t because I was sick. I was simply tired.

In the quick, 4 minute video below, I share my recent experience with sleeping pretty much ALL day long, plus a fairly basic yet essential concept that I find gets lost in our busy and hectic worlds.

It is something that pretty much ALL living and breathing things on this planet do naturally, and with very little effort, yet us humans have a harder time with it.

You see, when we GO GO GO and we are always DOING DOING DOING, we get caught up in a constant state of contraction and tightness.

Our body constricts and we lose fluidity. We even forget how to find the opposite of contraction and constriction which is expansion and flow.

When we lose this flow, the system (your system!) can’t excrete toxins properly, digestion slows down and we can’t extract nutrients for cellular repair, not to mention sleep is never fully restful therefore we never fully rejuvenate.

Yet, over time, and with enough drive, ambition and willpower, we can actually ignore our body’s signals for rest.

(I mean, seriously, do we really need the amount of cafe’s and espresso stalls that exist all over our cities?)

But, being the driven, human animals that we are, scurrying to get the next thing done, we just keep going until BOOM!, we get sick and have to rest for a week or two, or heaven forbid you come down with true burnout and even a nasty health condition that demands you to stop dead in your tracks.

I’d love to know, when was the last time you really rested and allowed your body to go in any direction other than constriction (i.e. holding it all together)?

Maybe you already have a practice that allows for this ebb and flow to occur?

If you’d like to let me know what works for you in finding a good balance of ebb and flow, just head over to this video on YouTube and share in the comments.

Or, perhaps you need some inspiration to find this ebb and flow and would like to express your struggles with finding this balance.

I’d love to spark up a conversation about this. Please don’t be shy! Head over.

Thanks in advance for watching, commenting and sharing this post with others who might benefit from the ideas, concepts and teachings within.